Innovation Academy’s comprehensive counseling program will focus on responding to students’ academic, social, emotional, and whole person needs to help each person reach their maximum potential.  The counselors will collaborate with educators, parents, students, and other stakeholders to address the unique needs of our students in a STEM magnet school and focus on the college/career preparatory experiences that will empower students to expand their horizons and begin to chart the path to their future goals. Counselors will be part of a robust advisory program that will allow students to be linked to staff, community, and peer mentors for students to feel more connected to the community and have multiple individuals invested in their future.

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The vision of the IA Counseling program enables students to become active participants in both their educational and social/emotional high school experience. All students will not only complete one of three career cluster pathways, but they will be exposed along the way to mentoring opportunities, career guidance, college, and professional training information, and be prepared and empowered to meet their college and career goals after high school. Our goal is for students to receive a rich and relevant educational experience that prepares them to be empathetic leaders in our everchanging society.