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College and Career

Naviance - Click HERE for information on Naviance.
Dual Enrollment - Click HERE for information on Dual Enrollment.
College Visits at IA - How to Sign-Up for College Admission Counselors and Innovation Academy Students.
College Events - More info on events around town, virtually, and in the greater community.
College Admissions Tests - Learn more about College Admissions testing.
College Search Information - Understanding the college search.
HOPE Scholarship - Find information on the HOPE GPA, eligibility, and how to apply.
Innovation Academy School Profile - Review an overview and profile of Innovation Academy.

Special Education in College - Compare I.D.E.A. in high school to A.D.A. rights in college.
CEEB Number for Applications and Testing - 110387
NCAA Number - 853204

College and Career: Text
College and Career: Text
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