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Scheduling for Academic Year 2023-24


Dual Enrollment (DE)

Dual Enrollment allows Georgia students to attend an approved Dual Enrollment college or university and earn both high school and college credit for classes they take at the DE institution. 

Virtual (Online) Classes

Off Campus Contract: If you are requesting to arrive late or leave early for a 1st period or 8th period virtual class, please complete this contract and return it to the front desk

Infinite Campus Parent and Student Portal Instructions

Parents and students can track their grades in Infinite Campus. Instructions for using the Campus portal are available in several languages: Chinese, Korean, Spanish, English

Grade Level Meetings

Counselors present informational meetings to students of parents at each grade level. For more information on these meetings, visit our Grade Level Meetings web page.

Tutoring Options

Innovation Academy has compiled a list of tutoring organizations who have contacted us about their tutoring services. If you contact a tutor from this list, please be sure to vet the tutor. 

Fulton County is offering free tutoring to high school students in danger of failing credit-bearing courses. Read about it in the Beacon.


NCAA Eligibility

NCAA is hosting an Initial Eligibility Requirement seminar on Dec. 9th for students interested in playing NCAA sports.

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